Digitization is the process of converting patient’s paper-based health records into digital forms. Digitizing health records involves medical document imaging, medical record management, medical record scanning, and medical record storage. ManageMyHealth introduces digitization service that creates an electronic relationship  between the doctor and the patient. This service is fully accredited and ISO 9001 certified with data security under ISMS 2013. Digitization is now a requirement for the Indian NABH accreditation and for quality assurance purposes.

Enabling Technology for Hospitals, Healthcare Providers and Patients

  • ManageMyHealth digitizes patient medical records by working with the Medical Record Department (MRD).
  • The digitized record is uploaded to ManageMyHealth, enabling easy access and sharing of medical records with other healthcare providers where required.
  • Uploading patients records to ManageMyHealth reduces the hospital’s storage, archival, and retrieval costs.

Key Advantages

  • Provides fast and easy data access
  • Minimizes record storage space
  • Provides confidentiality compliance
  • High level of efficiency
  • Prevents loss of data
  • Enhances data portability
  • Integration with Provider and Patient portals of ManageMyHealth
Key Advantages

Benefits of Digitization

  • Digitizing medical records offers easy access to the medical records for both the doctor and the patient.
  • ManageMyHealth digitization provides the best quality document imaging and scanning of medical records.

Our Proven Record

Over the past 15 years, ManageMyHealth has digitized over 20 million patient records in more than 100 hospitals.

For Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions

Benefits for Hospitals

  • Reduces physical space required for storing paper records.
  • Records can be retrieved securely within a few seconds.
  • Digitizing of medical records is now a requirement for hospitals for getting accreditation by the government in India.

Benefits for Providers

  • Provides fast and easy access to patient records.
  • Reduces physical space required for storing paper-based records.
  • Enhanced level of security, patient privacy and regulatory compliances.
  • High level of efficiency.
  • Prevents loss of records.
  • Enhances data portability.

Benefits for Patients

  • Easy and secure access to their own medical records online.
  • Reliable medical record content.
  • Storage and retrieval of all historical lab test results.
  • Obtaining repeat prescriptions.
  • Booking online appointments and for Tele-consultation.

We will digitize your medical records.

Using our proprietary software,  ManageMyHealth will digitally convert traditional paper-based records and images for online and offline access.