ManageMyHealth offers you the ability to have an online Personal Health Record which is accessible any time, anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection, ideally broadband.

Your doctor will discuss with you what information may be helpful to you and then decide what information is sent to your electronic health record.

Your online Personal Health Record can be made up of:

  • Consultation Notes, notes created by your doctor during your doctor’s visit.
  • Laboratory results, once your doctor has reviewed your result it is sent to ManageMyHealth.
  • Prescriptions, the drugs that you have been prescribed both long & short term
  • Immunisations, what immunisations you have received.
  • Allergies, that you have been diagnosed with.
  • Diagnosis, shows you what medical conditions you have been diagnosed with, either long or short term conditions.
  • Recalls, shows you any future appointments your doctor has asked you to come in for.

In addition to this you will have the ability to do the following:

  • Secure email: This feature allows you to securely communicate with your doctor and vice versa. Please note the decision to allow you to send emails to your doctor is their decision. Doctors must decide how best to cater for this extra need of their patients. Some doctors will be quicker to embrace this option than others.
  • Journal: Create an online journal where you could enter goals and record your progress, or simply record information you would like to discuss with your doctor next time you see them. You also have the ability to make a journal entry private which means only you are able to access this information.
  • Calendar: You are able to create calendar items to help remind you of things coming up such as any appointments or programs you may be involved with. In the near future we will provide you the option to be reminded via a text message to your mobile phone.
  • Community Forums: You are able to create your own discussion topic or simply join in with existing discussions. If you have any experience or wisdom, other patients similar to your self will be very grateful if you were to share your experiences.
  • Health News: We will monitor the Internet to find any new relevant article which may be of interest to you.