Can I contact my Medical clinic through ManageMyHealth?

In most cases, Yes, you can send a non-urgent message to your clinic using ManageMyHealth if they offer the option to send a secure message. Click on “Compose” icon that is on your homepage and send a secured message to

How much does it cost?

Our aim is not to charge patients for core functionality. Your Healthcare Provider may decide to charge you for various services such as reordering prescriptions and advice. It is entirely up to you whether you use these chargeable services.

Who should use ManageMyHealth?

Everyone should use ManageMyHealth. Even if you are very healthy and don’t see your doctor often. You never know when an emergency situation may arise where your basic medical information could be critical, such as your blood type or any

How is this good for me?

We believe ManageMyHealth will ultimately save you time & money. You will potentially get your lab results quicker, make confirmed appointments after hours, document health goals and record your progress in achieving them. When goals are documented they become imbedded

What does ManageMyHealth offer?

ManageMyHealth offers you the ability to have an online Personal Health Record which is accessible any time, anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection, ideally broadband. Your doctor will discuss with you what information may be helpful to you

What is ManageMyHealth?

ManageMyHealth is a secure website which can receive your health information from your doctors system. It can also be used to store other health related information which may not be recorded within your doctors system, such as other treatments you