I no longer wish to use ManageMyHealth at the Health Centre where I registered, who do I contact?

You will need to contact your Health centre and ask them to suspend your registration, as only they can suspend your account.

What happens if I change my doctor?

When you go and see your new Doctor ask them to link you to their Practice. Once this has been done information from this system will be sent to the website for you to access.

I have changed my Address or Phone number, how can I notify my Health Centre?

When you update your address or Phone number in ManageMyHealth: Under the My Account menu View profile section A message will be sent to your Health Centre with the new details.

How can I change my email address on my ManageMyHealth account?

Log onto www.managemyhealth.co.nz with your current email address and password Under My Account, click on Change email address Enter your new email address and current password Click on change my email address You will receive an email on your new email address