Can other people send emails to my ManageMyHealth inbox?

ManageMyHealth emails do not work like normal email. They are not sent over the Internet to a defined location. Instead the emails sent within ManageMyHealth do not leave the ManageMyHealth system. ManageMyHealth emails have been specifically designed to allow you

Who else can access my ManageMyHealth information?

Your GP and clinic staff already have access to your electronic medical records. However, once you activate your ManageMyHealth account, only you have access to your health information. You can choose to authorise access to a family member or caregiver,

What are the computer and Internet connection requirements?

We recommend you use the latest Internet Browser from Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox as this will offer you the best performance and security using 256 bit encryption, which is the highest commercially available encryption strength in use today.

How do I know if my information is protected when travelling over the Internet?

We use a digital certificate from VeriSign which ensures the information is protected by encryption. This feature is active when the path bar is shaded Green and http//: is displayed as https//: the ‘s’ signifying encryption is active. Please note

How do I check WHO has accessed my information?

ManageMyHealth maintains a comprehensive access log every time you or an authorised registered health professional access your ManageMyHealth health record. You can access this access history anytime and it is never deleted. If you have a query as to why

Will you sell my information?

No, we do not by any means sell your information.