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Reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 with Telehealth Video Consultations. Try it today, you will find that ManageMyHealth is easy to use and quick to setup.
Telehealth represents a simple and cost-effective tool to expand practice services and improve patient care remotely. It is quick to set up and easy to use for both patients and clinicians.

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Telehealth video consultations are an ideal way to manage the spread of corona virus. Keeping potentially infected patients out of your practice will protect other patients and staff.

Telehealth – Video consultations deliver high-quality care to patients at a lower cost than an in-person visit. Now is the perfect time to offer your patients the convenience. Check out a more chilli slot machine.

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ManageMyHealth Video Consultations deliver convenience to patients and help clinicians to provide high levels of patient care. Find out how easy it is to implement this exciting technology in your practice.

What are the benefits of Telehealth?

Increased efficiency

Being able to access video consultations delivers enormous time savings for both doctors and patients.

Ideal for frail patients

Video consultations work very well for those patients that may find it difficult to attend an in person appointment due to incapacity.

Increase Revenue

Offering video consultations to patients will add a profitable revenue stream to your practice and requires minimal investment.

Nurses can consult by video

Video consultations can be conducted by nursing staff which promotes efficiency and reduces the load on doctors, allowing them to see other patients.

Limit exposure to COVID-19

Video consultations not only save time but remove the need for patients to be exposed to illness while sitting in busy waiting rooms.

Safer for Doctors

Seeing patients after hours via a Telehealth consultation is much safer for doctors and nurses. They can see patients in the evening in their homes with zero risk.

Quick to Activate and Easy to Use

Aligned with your workflow

The ManageMyHealth Video Consultation solution is designed around the workflows of general practice and wider primary care.


The ManageMyHealth Telehealth solution can be integrated with your existing practice patient Management system to ensure consistent flow of patient data and bookings.

A cost effective solution

The solution is delivered as a cloud hosted service that does not require any installation or purchase of expensive video conferencing equipment.

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Convenient & Affordable

Offering video consultations delivers timely, convenient, affordable and high quality healthcare to patients where a physical examination is not required.

Video consultations allow you to see patients online at your convenience. Think of Video consultations like virtual home visits. Patients appreciate the convenience virtual visits provide, since they can talk with you from the comfort of home or work using their smartphone or tablet.

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