Video Consultations

Increase access to healthcare with video consultations.

The future of healthcare

Our video consultation solution allows healthcare providers to extend their reach of care by using video as a medium between patients and their provider. Video consultations can improve healthcare access for those unable to take time off work or attend face-to-face appointments dor social or financial reasons. 

Any time, anywhere

Video consultations are ideal for practices adopting health care home or models of care that incorporate virtual visits.

Healthcare providers can conduct scheduled video consultations with patients receiving ongoing care. On-demand video consultations can also be used by after hours and emergency departments to reduce face-to-face consultations. 

Cloud based, cost effective and seamlessly integrated

Our video consultation solution is delivered as a cloud hosted service that does not require the installation or purchase of video conferencing equipment.

Video consultations seamlessly integrate with the ManageMyHealth patient portal and your MedTech PMS.

So, what are you waiting for?